R e v i e w s

Eddy Marcano

Violinist and Orchestra Conductor

“Listening to this wonderful Venezuelan chamber group, ALCABA, we find- without doubt- one of the highest refined chamber works of Venezuelan music! Colors, exquisite textures, and extraordinary musical intelligence are present in their arrangements! And it gives me great joy to know that this is the result of the union of a beautiful family made into music. I wish them the greatest success and I know that they are already writing an important page of our Venezuelan music. Hooray ALCABA!

Prof. Nora Buschmann

University of Music Carl Maria von Weber

The ALCABA group through its music transmits joy to the public with great professionalism while generating pleasure in listening to them! A creative and beautiful family like no other!

Frank Di Polo

Violist and Orchestra Conductor

I extend my deepest congratulations to this group for their beautiful musical initiative which may be summarized as good musicians and spectacular arrangements that further enrich the Venezuelan Folklore and give the ALCABA Quartet a very special sound… I loved it and I wish them a very long success story. Hugs.

Gregory Carreño

Orchestra Conductor and Composer

        A cuatro voces 
                         (Four voices)
        L ogré escuchar
                         (I could hear)
        C antos hermosos
                         (Beautiful songs)
        A rmoniosos 
        B ienaveturados 
        A . R . A . J .

 “A wonderful musical group made of an excellent Venezuelan musical heritage- four gifted instrumentalists that honor their musical roots. I am proud to have them as part of my feelings… The members of the GRUPO ALCABA successfully and professionally unite their voices and instruments with wonderful and special arrangements that lead the listener to enjoy melodies that deeply caress and heart and soul.”


Pablo R. Camacaro

Venezuelan Cuatro Player and Composer

The essence and success of a musical ensemble is based on the spiritual harmony, knowledge and experience that members have accumulated from their ancestors, projecting and enriching a true path that defines the personality of the group and that will surely make an important contribution to the artistic movement of his country. Thus, with a permanent research work, together with its roots, and a important management, it will strengthen the identity of a nation as musical as our beloved Venezuela. In alcaba all these attributes are combined, which highlight a glorious country, source of exquisite melodies. Its members assumed the task of sowing a
right repertoire, with outstanding arrangements, beautiful voices and fine instruments and have established an original style with their valuable musical proposal. Through its interpretations, ALCABA is and will continue to be by fidelity and tradition, the Venezuelan family that preaches with rectitude and exalts the musical folklore of their country and that of other places.

Icli Zitela

Musician and Composer

“The ALCABA group is one of the best at showcasing the new Venezuelan popular music. The group is made up of members of the same family that has played together forever, which is why the coordination and general assembly of the group are so impeccable. Each one of the musicians comes from an integral formation in their respective instruments- being educated at the most prestigious classical music conservatories around the world and making their interpretations have a uniqueness that does not distort the beauty of the pieces; a musical giftedness that is guided by the best of taste. Finally, the arrangements of the pieces they interpret have a surprising originality- they incorporate polyphonic resources (imitations, canons, free counterpoint) that give the pieces a transparent sound while using color harmonies or elements of surprise in musical form. Without a doubt, the ALCABA musical group is unique in its genre. I would say that it is one of the best in Venezuela and around the world.”

Miguel Ángel López

Trombone Professor Antioquia University

Without a doubt, listening to El grupo ALCABA has been one of the most inspiring musical experiences that life has gifted me with. This group captures and makes the audience experience endless sensations from the very first note as their performances go on. This is Venezuelan music performed at the highest level, with impeccable musical arrangements and vocal performances that utilize proper harmony work without losing the essence of the music. In fact, they hold a profound respect for each style that they perform and work at enriching them through masterful interpretations of their instruments without ever compromising them and with the joy and ease with which they command the stage. The day that I listened to this group for the first time will forever remain in my memory, just like one of those days when I witnessed that magic truly does exist!

Tonny Ruda Altuve

Musicologist, Mandolinist and Composer

ALCABA, an excellent group in which musical elements converge in a sublime way, expresses with great success the message of our Venezuelan music and the importance of the family as a source of synergy between the artistic and spiritual; from their instrumental to vocal performances.

German Marcano

Master an Cellist

I have been following for some time the development of the wonderful ensemble “ALCABA”, formed in the family union of four talented Venezuelan musicians. The high vocal and instrumental level of this extraordinary ensemble, coupled with the particular sense of finesse, knowledge and musicality of its members, produces a style full of creativity, freshness and originality, which exalts our name wherever they appear. Hooray Alcaba, I wish you all the best, and continue to provide us with those excellent arrangements the best of our music.

Virginie Robilliard

Violinista Internacional

ALCABA awakens our emotions and sows joy and hope in the heart. Just seeing a united family playing music transmits strong and important values. The level of execution is impressive and the rhythms and harmonies of Venezuelan music transform us! Alcaba is a unique, magical and moving experience to live without moderation!
Love, Light, Charisma, Attractiveness, Beauty, Energy!!!